The War of Seperation

“The War of Seperation was the first great war between the many human fiefdoms and the distant lands of Ssala and Miir that took place in the middle of the Early Age.

It began when Kesav-by-the-Sea, the current seat of Clan Tilmore, was raided by a small band from the nearby freehold of Beingor. They made off with the wife of Lord Magnus, a young man who recently inherited his father as ruler of Kesav, and after submitting her to many acts of unnatural vileness and horror, the Beingorians hacked away her head and sent it back to Lord Magnus in the hope that it would inspire great fear in the ruler of Kesav.

As the records say, Lord Magnus spent ten weeks alone in his chambers, in deep mourning. Once he left, he had changed. The red-haired youth that many deemed weak in mind and character seemed to have been replaced by a toughened, grim man who became a great general, a wise ruler and the first Clan Lord. The first command uttered after he had stopped his time of mourning was to prepare the horses and the men for war. When the Godtalkers rolled the bones and told the future, they spoke of him becoming a great lord, for he is favoured by the Gods.

His first strike was sudden, taking most nearby Lords by surprise. He sailed with some of his men from Kesav towards the township of Beingor in the evening, with the rest of his army going on horseback and foot towards another settlement to the North, led by his son Lothar.

When approaching the town in the depths of the night, it began to rain and he ordered the sails lowered and had his men disassemble and lower the mast to hide their small ships in the darkness from the eyes of guards. As their first ship moored in the darkest corners of the docks, his men quietly left their boat and slaughtered any guards that were present. When the entire fleet of Kesav had moored, the attack began.

It was a glorious slaughter and, to quote the Tilmorian Chronicle, -

“…Lord Magnus justly ordered the men who were soldiers to be slain, and their blood to be emptied into barrels…; …and to the others he did say – all men, but the oldest, would be slain, flayed and thrown into the bay; the women who had been raising children would have to slay them and beg forgiveness for the crimes of their township, and they would be allowed to live with the oldest and the orphans and the women who had no children to raise;…”

After this victory, he sent orders with the few soldiers who were set to return to Kesav with the wounded and the slaves, that the smith must forge him a suit of ringed maille and a steel helm tempered with the blood of Beingorian warriors and have it enchanted by the Kesav wizard of the court. This later became the famous armour that we know today as “The Redring Armour Of Magnus”.

Within a few weeks, though spread thinly and ill-supplied, the warriors of Tilmore had brought most of the fiefdoms and freeholds and townships under their control. The surrounding Lords were worried and formed alliance after alliance in order to crush the armies of Lord Magnus, but all of them were conquered and placed under the rulership of Kesav. Many other settlements, at the same time, began to fight their own wars, in lands both near and far from Kesav, hoping to imitate the Tilmorian Lord.

Those who resisted invited the lands of Miir and Ssala to come and liberate the conquered lands and crush the armies of Tilmore, in return for lands and wealth, and the men from beyond the sea who had been peaceful traders raised armies and sent them to put down the Tilmorian conquerors.

However, after near twenty great battles and hundreds of skirmishes, the constantly increasing levies of Lord Magnus and the first of his vassals, those who would become the first houses, destroyed the armies of both Ssala and Miir, on sea and on land, and an invasion they sent into the realm of the distant kingdoms of Tiressea conquered vast territories that would later become the domains of other clans, and so great was the land they had conquered throughout both continents that Lords from afar all came to swear fealty to their new lord, and when the others saw how vast Tilmorian lands and armies were, they became docile and afraid and peace was restored to the land through fear.

And so Clan Tilmore was born, created by Magnus the Just, and later ruled by Lothar the Mighty, who brought great honour to the Tilmore name."

The War of Seperation

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