The War of Sorcerers

" The War of Sorcerers was a brief confrontation between Clans and the Wizards, Sorcerers and their Ilk and the Houses that protected them.

It began after a long meeting between the Lords of all Clans, who declared that all wizards of a certain power were to be bound officially to Clans or Houses and their power to be strictly controlled by their keepers, only to be used for the good of the realm.

This was wildly popular with the common folk, but many Houses and Wizards felt that this was an unnatural limitation and a disgusting law that would prevent the gifts of the Gods to be used for good.

Thus, rebellions sprung up across both continents, led by House Lords and Wizards, who attempted to defeat the Clans with the aid of magic.

However, in the end, they were defeated by the superior numbers, leadership and spirit of the Clans, and all Wizards were thus leashed to the yoke of the Clans and the Realm. Some say that Wizards still exist in some places free and untamed, but should they ever become known to the Clans, they will be hunted down and either killed or bound to the Lords."

The War of Sorcerers

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